The Festival of Death!

Date: 06/01/2013 at 00:40
From: Reihaneh Fireheart, High Ritualist
To : Everyone
Subj: The Festival of Death!

Greetings, everyone!

Following is the schedule of the upcoming Festival of Death, including dates and locations.

Most dates are within a day of Serenade each month. All arena events will take place in the Matsuhama arena. If you need any assistance finding the location of the event or have any other questions or concerns, please send me a message or a tell shortly beforehand.

Additionally, don't forget about the creative writing and art contest! It will end on the 25th of Scarlatan 627, and the exhibition will take place at the closing of the festival.

In service to the Endbringer,
Reihaneh Fireheart
Disciple of Death

Schedule of the Festival of Death

22nd Sarapin - The Obelisk of Souls:
The opening ritual, followed by performances and an arena game.

20th Daedalan - A willow-lined clearing in the Black Forest:
Sermons on the symbols of Lord Thoth and the Mask of Death, followed by a tour of the Temple of Death and a group hunt.

18th Aeguary - Where a huge redwood once stood in the Aalen Forest:
A ritual, followed by sermons on Nature and Death and Death and the seasons, and ended with a group hunt.

17 Miraman - Among animal bones on the Isle of New Hope:
A performance, sermons on Purpose and on the Blade sect, followed by an arena game.

16 Scarlatan - West bank of the Pachacacha River in Jaru:
A performance and a ritual, followed by sermons on Purpose and on what constitutes a good Death, and ended with a group hunt.

25 Scarlatan - last day for entries in the arts and writing contest

15 Ero - Outside a stone keep in Petra:
Performances, followed by sermons on living life to its fullest and on the value of true Death, and finished with an arena game.

14 Valnuary - The Obelisk of Souls
A poetry and arts exhibition, followed by a ritual by the Curia Spiritus and the closing of the Festival.

Penned by my hand on the 21st of Mayan, in the year 626 AF.