A call for unity

Date: 05/22/2013 at 16:28
From: Kohai Bhayn of the Bastion, Ashuran Tiger
To : Everyone
Subj: A call for unity

People of Sapience,

I come to you humbly and with hope.

Most of us remember the passing of Bal'met, the Worldreaver; many of us
still bear the scars. For those of us who are extremely lucky, these
scars are only physical. We won, but it was close. Will we win the next
time a great threat looms across Sapience? I put the answer to this
question firmly in your hands.

With great pride, I have the honour of announcing the inception of the
Fraternity of Learning and Mentorship (FLaMe). This group exists for the
sole purpose of nurturing young adventurers, thereby ensuring that the
next time a call is made to defend our world, there are folks there to
answer it.

Our remit is simple: To aid those who, whilst perhaps too old or strong
to lean upon the Guides, are still unsure of their way in the great new
world they find their eyes opened to. If you are a Mentor, Ambassador?s
Aide or are formally involved in the training of House Novices, then I
beg you to heed this call and join our ranks. Together we can reduce the
number of adventurers that put up their swords and boots, wrongly
believing that our great calling is too great a burden for them to bear.

The Worldreaver showed us the darkest times that most of us can
remember, yet also showed us something that many of us would have
doubted before that time: when outsiders threaten Sapience, Sapience
answers in unison. Let us answer in unison now, well in advance of the
next disaster, for surely more disasters will come.

Learned and experienced ones: Please join the Fraternity and share your
most invaluable asset with those still trying to find their feet in our
tumultuous world.

New adventurers: Join us, and be assured that there will always be ones
amongst the Fraternity who will give you impartial and sound advice
whilst you find your feet.

I shall end as I began, Sapience: Humbly, and with hope.

Bhayn Rousseau

Penned by my hand on the 22nd of Aeguary, in the year 626 AF.