The Coven of Gaia

Date: 05/19/2013 at 23:07
From: Captain Delphinus Windancer, the Gatecrasher
To : Everyone
Subj: The Coven of Gaia


Some years have passed since the rebirth of Gaia - the days in which She
ascended from the clutch of frost, solemn and royal, to know the warmth
of the approaching thaw. Now the florets bloom under the sun's gaze, and
their colour beckons.

By mortal reckoning, death is the passing of the self, and the self is a
quantum both self-contained and indivisible. Both are artifice; both are
the children of insular thought, walled in bricks and mortar. The
natural world is a gestalt of beings and eventualities, whose tendrils
lace like the silk of an orbweaver.

As the queen of the first realm is reborn, so too is Her Coven. By
branching into the abyss of time, we draw the mysteries of the ancient
world into the present, delivered from a realm of giants and great,
shuddering spirits to dwarf the age of man. The narthex is your lantern,
fresh-cut and green. Bear it through the annals of thought, and you will
find yourself a part of something greater - for in the wild, all things
are connected.

Sages and mystics who seek the wilds: look backward, outward, and
inward, and the way forward shall present itself. We await your

Delphinus Windancer,
Oracle of Gaia

Penned by my hand on the 7th of Sarapin, in the year 626 AF.