The Strength of Evil

Date: 04/26/2013 at 04:33
From: Lord-Tyrannus Xenomorph, Knight of Hatred
To : Everyone
Subj: The Strength of Evil


The Daemonic Hand of the Ebon Fist is consistently correct in her
delivery. Her post, all in His name, is no different. Only a member of
the Black Hand has any frame of reference into the Truth of this world.
It is for us to reap and for you, the subspecies that inhabit His
continent, to be enslaved to it. Sapience is but a temporary reprieve
from what you all will call Greater Mhaldor during your enslavement.
Your lies and worship of false gods make you unfit to breathe even the
most putrid gasses leaving the body of even my fattest slave. You will
be broken, and you will love Him for it.

The Strength of Evil is something known in Mhaldor all too well. It is
by the very nature of His Will that this city save the weak mortal from
his own demise. The mortal cannot be trusted to live free, each city
other than Mhaldor is a testament to the world's self indulgent greed
and disgusting worship practices. My government crushes the very thing
you are all weakly susceptible to: your own flirtations with human
emotion. Your democracies are jokes and your leaders grow fat off their
citizens hard work, favoring only the close friend of theirs to ensure
their stranglehold on the captive city it holds. Only a God, the God of
Evil, puts his most blackened of heart into leadership. We work only for
Him. You work for your god when it works for you. You are disgusting,
and forever branded a traitor for betraying your people. My god
slumbers, yet I follow His will. This is strength.

What the **** is your excuse?

No matter what Mhun shit you whores of chaos plunder on these boards, or
you spear throwing dirt-worshippers will trick your people into
believing by defying Mhaldor with a response, this is the Truth: Mhaldor
is strong because we are the only city here that does exactly what we
are told, as His will is the only hope for human salvation. Terra, you
are just another example of a person who thinks herself better than a
god, as you pick and choose what rules you follow on what day. Meanwhile
we've only to read the Seven Truths and His Chosen to succeed. In
Mhaldor, if I eat a dozen hens, its to strengthen this very arm I'll
backhand you back to reality with.

To all the youth of Sapience, listen close: Your leaders are corrupt
thieves who seek only self-indulgence and their own goals. Their best
friend advisor they corruptly put in, stabs them in the back the next
day and the vicious cycle continues. Why wallow like a pig in shit down
there, when you can be with clean leaders here, eating the hearts of
your enemies like the true kings deserve. To the leaders, you are given
no such chance, and you are to burn in the pits of hell, for all time.

Burn with white heat, unworthy hellbounds of this world,

Lord-Tyrannus Xenomorph
In His Name

Penned by my hand on the 13th of Daedalan, in the year 624 AF.