Purpose and Strength

Date: 04/01/2013 at 06:22
From: Apostle Nizaris Xanatov
To : Seneschal Vayne des Valois, Shadow in the Falling Snow
Subj: Purpose and Strength

Seneschal des Valois,

Long has Hashan laboured against her fetters of "Freedom" in order to
retain relevancy, but never would I suspect that she would do so by
publicly suckling at the Ashtani teat that had previously fed her in

Embracing Freedom, Hashan lacks purpose, structure, and espirit du
corps. Instead, she is as a whore: selling her identity for the martial
support of the Ashtani imperialists -- and rendering you, her leader, as
a simple puppet in the employ of the Nihilists, whose pitiful rhetoric
is dismissed just as simply.

It takes a strong foundation to build a great house. Without structure,
with only Freedom to console one in the dark of Night, they will surely
crumble under the weight of their own more base of mortal instincts.
Freedom, then, inhibits progress: your citizens loll about, drooling
upon themselves at the Crossroads with nothing to spur them onwards unto

But, take not my word for it: your citizens, gifted with the Freedom
that you seem so intent upon espousing, continue to choose in droves to
cast off Freedom's chains, in favour of the rigid structure provided in
Mhaldor, and the potential for greatness it provides. Each and every one
comes to Mhaldor a slave, thankful to be rid of the do-nothing, laissez
faire boredom that is Hashani "culture".

Continue to be Free, Hashan. Mhaldor shall continue to manufacture
greatness with industrial efficiency. Those right-thinking among you may
continue to send application to myself.

In Truth,
-7- Apostle Nizaris Xanatov
Ambassador of Mhaldor

Penned by my hand on the 16th of Daedalan, in the year 622 AF.