On Honour and Deed

Date: 03/28/2013 at 23:42
From: Sir Rakon Rurrowind, Bladelord
To : Everyone
Subj: On Honour and Deed

Rumours have been flying around Sapience regarding myself, honour, and
general attitude of a Maldaathi knight. This includes essentially
stating some Maldaathi Knights do not ever accept duels and are
dishonourable. I'd like to take the time to clear that misconception up.

A Knight is not beholden to accept any sorry excuse one can create for
as a 'reason' to duel. Generally, however, they will show honour where
honour has been shown to them and accept legitimate reasons to duel.

About honour, some would say I should be the last to speak on that
subject, but those persons would be the ones who have never beholden to
the ways of Chivalry or honour. With that, what some perceive as
dishonour is not such. Jumping a lone Knight with a 'pack' and later
refusing to duel when your group is not around, does not make the Knight
'dishonourable' when he finds the hole you crawled into and executes
you. Refusing a duel is not dishonourable. There may be many reasons for
such, perhaps ask 'Why?' the next time you get a 'No'. (Hint: It's
likely due to flimsy, so called 'reason') . You jumping a Knight in a
location with allies, wherein his allies then defend him, does not mean
the Knight teamed you, or he is dishonourable. (It means you fail at
doing recon for doing that.)

As for acceptable reasons, that obviously depends on the Knight himself.
Suffice to say, an excuse such as your sisters boy-toy cousin's goat
getting spooked because the clinking of armour scared it, is not a valid
reason. Being a part of some organization you hate is not reason enough,
in itself. Your name starts with 'R' is also insufficient reasoning. I
would like to say use common sense here, but it is anything but common.

With this said, I, Sir Rakon Rurrowind, of House Maldaathi, will be
accepting duels from those who ask, with a valid, justifiable reason.
This does not mean I will drop everything for three hundred request to
run into your pre-prepped room, a waiting team and every artie known to
Merentash. This deceleration means I will honouor request for duels
within an agreeable time frame, within reason.

A duel is and will always be a one on one battle till death, be it
starburst or to the Endbringers halls, as agreed upon. It is not a game
of tag with your twelve 'true loves' and an earring. All I ask from
these duels, is a valid reason, and respect shown to each other as

I know in the past I have been less than respectful towards my enemies
than should becoming of a Knight. I'd like to have this experience show
I am willing to rectify my past actions with my current behaviour and
show the world at large, the Maldaathi Knights, still duel.

-Sir Rakon Rurrowind, Bladelord of the Maldaathi

Penned by my hand on the 12th of Glacian, in the year 621 AF.