It appears you were right.

Date: 03/28/2013 at 17:08
From: Werin, the Arcane
To : Seneschal Vayne des Valois, Shadow in the Falling Snow
Subj: It appears you were right.

You may recall that slightly over a year ago, I mentioned my hope that
Bluef would be able to aid me in learning the skill of ritual, and you
told me that my confidence was misplaced, and she no longer had any
capabilities of relevance.

It now appears clear that you were correct; whatever Bluef may have
achieved in the past, she apparently now has ceased any notable
accomplishments. While I will not be evicting her from my clan (as one
of its founding principles is acceptance of any members who seek to aid
in its goals, regardless of what other controversies they may be
involved in), I will no longer over-estimate her usefulness, and will
shortly (as soon as I finish this post) be leaving her clan.

Of course, that does mean I'll need to find another source from which to
learn more about shamanism and ritual, but it appears that such was
necessary already and it is merely my knowledge of that fact that is
more recent.

Penned by my hand on the 6th of Glacian, in the year 621 AF.