Belated Response

Date: 03/26/2013 at 03:37
From: Xith I. Riddle, Speaker of the Guard
To : Everyone
Subj: Belated Response

We appreciate everybody's concern for their own people. As we have
stated, we are against the cooking and wearing of sentient races, and
that is not limited to mhun. Neither mhun nor Tsol'aa are reputed to be
creatures of raw strength, but whether for that reason or for our mutual
tastiness, we have been enslaved and cooked in the past, treated as

Remember that not all individuals in a given population are the same.
The fell deeds of one person do not condemn another person of the same
species, nor the species as a whole. Not all mhun eat Tsol'aa, if indeed
any do.

We were founded with the specific intent of furthering our own race, and
of course we recognise the right of all other races to do the same. But
our focus is directed inside our ancestral home, as that is our reach.
And to be clear, it is within our reach. Just as Hashani can be expected
to defend Hashan, a mhun defending Moghedu is not out of place.

We want to preserve our own race the same way a citizen would preserve
their city. We know that other races don't share a bond on the same
level, so if you do not understand what drives us, that is okay. We
don't require your understanding, but we do ask your compassion.

The proposed change is a clear break in tradition for many, but we're
asking that you avoid Moghedu in your hunting grounds. Large though it
may be, it still represents a very small percentage of all things
huntable, and it is not unreasonable to request a decrease in the
habitual bloodshed.

Seclusion has led Moghedans to a series of regular rituals that many
outsiders do not fully understand and might be mistaken for slavery
rather than dutiful labor. Part of the founding of this organisation was
intended to be a bridge of knowledge and diplomacy so that Moghedu might
rejoin the world at large.

Our alliance with Moghedu is an ongoing learning process for us as well,
and we will share what we are able with those who are interested. Again,
we invite all mhun to join us in our various endeavors.

Xith Riddle, Speaker of the Guard

Penned by my hand on the 19th of Lupar, in the year 621 AF.