Order to return the stolen Maldaathi items.

Date: 03/17/2013 at 17:11
From: Executor Zephyros, Squire of Xenomorph
To : Khalaz
Subj: Order to return the stolen Maldaathi items.

To the traitorus Ex-High Lord, Khalaz.

You have in your possession a set of house items that were meant to be
passed down from High Lord to High Lord, and also aided in the theft of
the other remaining ones. You are hereby, by my decree demanded to
return those scabbards to either myself, a sanctioned Knight of the
Maldaathi, or the High Lord of the Maldaathi himself. Consider this your
first, and final warning. If they are not returned expediently, you will
force my hand to unleash all the furies of Hell, and Mhaldor alike unto
you. Your visit to the realm of Death will be frequent, and you will be
hunted like a wild animal, no show of Honour, no mercy granted. I cannot
make myself anymore clear then I am on this day, as this crime has gone
unpunished,and unrepented for far too long.

You will have one years time to see this, and act upon it. Should you
choose not to, as I stated above, your screams of torture, anguish, and
pain will reveberate loud enough that all of Sapience will hear them. It
is time to be held accountable for your traitorus actions, and by all of
the power of Evil, you will be.

Executor of the Maldaathi, Squire Zephyros -

Sanctioned and undersigned by,
Infernal Lord Xenomorph, Tyrannus of Mhaldor.

Penned by my hand on the 17th of Mayan, in the year 620 AF.