Declaration of Hostilities

Date: 03/17/2013 at 14:58
From: Infernal Lord Xenomorph, Tyrannus of Mhaldor
To : Silas Maynard, Aarashi Rasul
Subj: Declaration of Hostilities


Fire shalt scorch the skies, oceans shalt be sucked dry, lakes and
rivers shalt be as poison, dead will plague the earth in life. Pain and
fear and untrust shalt rule the day. O' the fateful day.

The beast of the field shall lie down, the earth shalt consume their
flesh, their meat shalt be as the spoiled maggot. In that day shalt the
mortal join with the beast, as the beast, and the beast shall reign over
the earth.

Tis with joy I remember the cries of the fallen, when Shallam itself
tipped into hell. Something this city will repeat unto you for the
rest of your days. We are surprised at your courage, something
so rarely seen. The Black Hand will use its warriors and minions to
answer the call of battle. Lord Sartan, the Malevolent, God of Evil,
shall devour those that choose to walk in the light.

We've beat you before, and we'll beat you again. Shallam may be gone
but its putrid stench lingers even still. We shall remedy this.

In Honor and in Deed,

Infernal Lord Xenomorph, Tyrannus of Mhaldor

Penned by my hand on the 15th of Mayan, in the year 620 AF.