The Crimson Cadre

Date: 03/15/2013 at 08:21
From: Dread Admiral Kresslack De'Verres, the Black Wolf
To : Everyone
Subj: The Crimson Cadre

Blademasters of Sapience,

Previously known as the Masters of the Blade, the Crimson Cadre was
founded by Snareman Kindfire around 539 AF. Dedicated to an
understanding of the Way of the Blade, the Crimson Cadre focuses on
helping Blademasters across Sapience master their skills. Along with an
education for the practical use of the skills, which is fundamental, the
Crimson Cadre also studies the lore surrounding Blademasters and how
these skills arrived at the shores of Sapience.

The Order of the Broken Blade has served in overseeing the Crimson Cadre
since the secrets to these Arts first came to the shores of Sapience to
be studied and wielded. Under the guidance of Blademasters such as
Snareman, Zulah, Zeyfer, and Jack, Disciples of the Way of the Blade
continue to be trained in both the Arts and the history behind them.

Should you also seek also hold interest in these things, feel free to
inquire with eithier Lycienne or Jack.



Penned by my hand on the 10th of Chronos, in the year 620 AF.