Your questions

Date: 03/13/2013 at 19:55
From: Werin, the Arcane
To : Benedominatus Domatus
Subj: Your questions

While Bluef is quite correct that your opinion, as a slave to slaves, is
doubly irrelevant, your questions do provide me with an opportunity to
clarify a few matters, and so I will answer them.

Firstly, your claim that none has shown themselves but Bluef is
laughably mistaken. Even if you somehow lack the skill to find the
clan's membership, I explicitly mentioned Laytron in my post. So not
only does my clan include an accomplished adventurer and the leader of
an influential clan in her own right, but it also includes a Regent of
Hashan. The membership roll is somewhat small at the moment, but that is
only to be expected for a clan not even half a year old. (That said, we
are still looking for members; anyone who wishes to join need only
message myself or Laytron.)

Next, as to the matter of memory...obviously remembering the slain Gods
will require remembering the events surrounding it, which includes
remembering Mhaldor's role. However, we seek to destroy Mhaldor so
completely that that will be the ONLY means by which your city will be
remembered; not even the property of the city will be left intact to
serve as a memory.

As for your claim that people have never rallied to a single cause
except when the very fabric of our world was threatened, this too is
demonstrably false. Davis Kephry managed it, and succeeded so thoroughly
that we mark our calendar from the date of his success.

Furthermore, your implication that this is NOT a case where the very
fabric of our world is threatened is not at all clear. After all, it has
been only 10 years and a few months since the Twin Lords commanded
actions that resulted in such a threat; while the Worldreaver has been
slain, it seems fairly plausible that there exist other potential
dangers to the fabric of our world. Considering that Sartan was
reportedly pleased at the outcome of the Bal'met incident, it seems
fairly likely that if the opportunity presents itself and He has the
followers to carry out His will, He will attempt a similar action again.
So while the threat is nowhere near as immediate as it was after the
summoning of Bal'met, danger does still exist.

Finally, you asked how we hope to do what Eleusis and Ashtan cannot.
While I of course will not reveal anything that might be useful to you,
I will state that Bluef is a fairly skilled ritualist, and it would not
surprise me in the least if that were to make the difference between
raiding Mhaldor and destroying it.

Thus, as you see, your questions are not good questions, and it takes no
great skill to prove your claims fallacious.

I will, however, complement you on having a more insightful post than

Penned by my hand on the 24th of Lupar, in the year 620 AF.