The creation of The Voidstriders

Date: 03/13/2013 at 16:36
From: Naitannia, Zaikousei of the Hold
To : Everyone
Subj: The creation of The Voidstriders

Concerning The Voidstriders clan, clhelp TVS

I am Naitannia, founder of the Voidstriders. while my body may seem
young, my mind is filled with knowledge about our realm. I am a hard
worker when it comes to practical things, though I do enjoy writing too.
I like combat and strategy, though I don't enjoy killing when there are
other solutions. I hunt a lot to grow stronger, and I like helping
others. The reason why i made this clan is not only to teach
blademasters about combat and learning about it, but also to have
something to put my effort in, to give my life a bigger meaning, and to
make long lasting friendships While it may take a few years to get this
clan up to where it should be, I strongly believe I can make this work.

In any organisations, positions are earned through effort and time. The
founder of an organisation, many may think, has it easy! he or she
created it, placed him/herself on top of the ladder and can boss all the
others around as they see fit. However, if a leader is careless with its
members, many will soon leave, leaving the organisation empty and
barren. A leader has an even tougher job earning his or her position,
because there are no prescriptions to do so. A good clan leader,
however, will care for his or her members, making rightful decisions and
making him or herself worthy of the title.

This said, I will leave you with a final note. I will put my best effort
in The Voidstriders, because I wish for it to have a bright future. Let
it flourish, and may its members grow into strong, wise blademasters
worthy of wielding the legendary TwoArts.

Stay safe, and may our swords strike true.

Penned by my hand on the 21st of Lupar, in the year 620 AF.