Admission, Apology, and Thanks.

Date: 03/11/2013 at 05:22
From: Squire Prydwyn, of the Spire
To : Everyone
Subj: Admission, Apology, and Thanks.

Now that I have had time to hear from many who have read my last post to
this board, I feel I must address some very important issues.

I have an admission to make, an apology to give, and I owe a show of
gratitude not only to Lord Kald for hearing my plea and taking it to
heart, but also to all those who have helped enlighten me and who have
praised me for my previous post. Thank you all.

My admission is this: I am young and I am ignorant. Because of this, I
must now write the most important part of this post.

To the Lightbringer, Lady Aurora, I wish to give my sincerest apologies
and I beg You to understand that I meant You no insult in my previous
post. I did not realize, as I was writing my post, how insulting my
words could be to You. I have since learned a little more regarding
respect and regarding Sir Silas, and I feel I did both You and he
injustice. It is not up to me to question whom You choose to have
amongst Your followers and in truth, I had never truly meant to.

Neither did I realize while writing my post, the full view and
motivations of Sir Silas Maynard. I still maintain my opinions of some
of his methods, however I cannot deny that he and I share the same goal,
and because of that, and after having spoken to him in a more friendly
setting than I ever had previously, I feel that my respect for him has
grown. I would look forward to learning what he may teach me about Your
realm, Lady Lightbringer. I can only hope that by learning from Sir
Silas, and learning about You and Your realm, I may begin to make amends
for my insult towards You.

In closing, I would like to admit that I am imperfect and ignorant, and
that I made many errors in judgement within my last post. I should have
given my words far more consideration, however, overall the point I
wished to make remains unchanged. I still hope that temperance should
more often win out in this world. It is my hope that we can all
understand the value of compassion for eachother. Allow me, if I may to
share with the world what I shared with Sir Silas, an insight into my

I have faith that there is Good in every soul and that compassion can
save. It is my hope to see Goodness blossom. We all have the opportunity
to turn towards the Light. And for my part, in service, I wish to help
those willing to honestly seek redemption to find it, while using force
only against those who are unwilling to refrain from committing harm
upon those I am sworn to protect.

I feel thankful that, in this case at least, peace has managed to win
the day, in spite of my clumsiness. Let us strive, now, to continue if
we can.

In Service,

Penned by my hand on the 11th of Ero, in the year 620 AF.