Silas Maynard, The Light, and foolishness.

Date: 03/11/2013 at 02:33
From: Squire Prydwyn, of the Spire
To : Warlock Convert of Wealth, Lord Kald Diamante-Sar'vet
Subj: Silas Maynard, The Light, and foolishness.

To Lord Kald and all those that think as you do,

Firstly, I wish you a good day. My name is Prydwyn, a paladin in service
to Cyrene, and if I may so bold as to say so, then I am also in service
to the Light and to the Good of Creation.

That said, I would like to ask you, in my own way, without threats or
anger, to cancel this bounty you have placed upon Lord Deucalion and
Lady Aurora's shrines.

I know you have no reason to consider me or my request at face value, so
I will take a moment and, for the first time, record my thoughts
regarding this whole mess upon these public boards.

But first I would like to clear up something that I believe must be a
misunderstanding. Silas Maynard, for all that he might disagree, does
not represent the Light in its entirety. Frankly, I wish that he could
not represent the Light at all. I will endeavor not to speak ill of him
so publicly, but this is a point I must make: Silas is, at least
according to his claims, a follower of the Light, but not the Voice of
the Light.

I have heard, though I have not yet confirmed for myself, that he is a
member of Lady Aurora's order. If this is so, and I have no reason to
believe it is not, then, quite frankly, She has my sincerest sympathies.
I do not understand why She would accept him into Her order, but neither
will I question Her judgement. I just wish for you and yours to
understand that Silas is one man, and while he may have the favour of
the Gods of Light, he does not represent Them or Their ideals.

Let Them speak for Themselves if They wish, and do not take your
hostilities out upon Them, for They sincerely wish to see all of
Creation prosper. And I am certain that a follower of Lord Prospero can
sympathize with such a goal.

For what it may be worth to you, I will admit, as a paladin, that I
consider murder to be abhorrent. It is wrong, unquestionably. But you
should not confuse killing for a just cause with murder. Most people
kill. I certainly do. I kill to defend my home, my people, and those who
cannot defend themselves. I have done so in the past and will do so in
the future. This is not murder. Killing for the sake of killing, killing
for the sake of hate or spite, killing to take that which does not
belong to us, these are acts of murder. These are acts which many across
the world have committed. Mhaldorians, Ashtani, Shallamese, even
Hashani, Eleusians, and Cyrenians. There are people from all walks of
life who have committed murder and in doing so have harmed their causes.
Perhaps you are one of them, perhaps not. I can say, from personal
experience that Silas Maynard certainly is. But Silas is not the Light.
The Light and the Gods which represent the Light should not be held
accountable for the actions of a misguided and self destructive minority
that follow Them. Certainly no more than Ashtan should be judged as a
whole by the actions of Nihilists, just to cite an example.

In closing, I implore you. Turn away from your vendetta against Lady
Aurora and Lord Deucalion. Take back the bounty you have placed upon
Their shrines. For the love of Creation, let peace win this day. Or else
admit that a bit more blood will stain your hands as your bounty begets
yet more murder.

Violence will beget violence. Seek Temperence and let peace win the day.

Ever in service,
Squire Prydwyn, Paladin of the Cerulean Spire

Penned by my hand on the 9th of Ero, in the year 620 AF.