The Avengers of Maya

Date: 03/10/2013 at 02:16
From: Werin, the Arcane
To : Everyone
Subj: The Avengers of Maya

Roughly 10 years ago, the shrine marking the Ascension of the Great
Mother was corrupted by a party of Mhaldorians, in order to allow the
Dala'myrr to use its power to call forth the abomination Bal'met. This
act portended its ultimate consequence, in which Maya Herself gave up
Her divinity in order to allow Bal'met to be finally defeated. In the
concluding words of the Logos before He left us, He commanded us never
to forget Her sacrifice, and a memorial has likewise been created for
all the other gods who were lost in those events. And so we shall not
forget, but rather we shall remember. We shall remember what was done,
and we shall remember what was lost, and we shall remember those who
gave everything, and we shall remember those whose actions created the
need to do so.
But memory on its own serves no purpose; only by motivating action does
memory attain meaning. And so I am creating a clan will remember not
purely for memory's sake, but to exact full retribution on those who set
these events in motion, and upon those who aided them in their goals.
This clan is named the Avengers of Maya, but do not think for a moment
that it is only Maya whose loss we will remember, mourn, and avenge. We
will remember, mourn, and avenge the deaths of all the gods memorialized
where the Shrine of Ascension once stood (save those who allied with the
abomination and suffered the Just consequences of their actions), as
well as the deaths of Ashaxei and Aeon and those of more mortal beings
such as the denizens of El'Jazira. We shall also remember, mourn, and
avenge the loss of Maya's divinity and of Sarapis' presence, further
consequences of the abomination that took place.
All these we will avenge. The Dala'myrr will face retribution for their
acts, more than they have already paid in losing their god. But first,
we shall deal with those on this plane who aided them, and who have
profited from their misdeeds and were pleased at the result. And so we
shall remember the losses that Mhaldor has caused and the self-sacrifice
that it has made necessary, and we shall avenge it. And when the time
comes, we shall wipe out the very memory of Mhaldor from under the
heavens, save only the memory of their treachery. Let us never forget
this goal.
And let none think that this clan is only for those who serve Good and
oppose Evil for that reason, and let none think that this clan is only
for those who serve Nature and wish to see the practices of Necromancy
ended, or even only for adventurers. All have lost as the result of
Evil's betrayal, and all who wish to join us to exact retribution are
welcome. It does not matter whether they serve the Light or Nature or
Chaos or Darkness or any other philosophy (other than Evil, of course),
or none at all, nor whether they are a denizen, an adventurer, or an
immortal. Anyone who wishes to aid in our goal is welcome to do so.
Those who wish to join the clan, or organizations that wish to form an
alliance without joining, may contact me or Laytron.

Penned by my hand on the 9th of Scarlatan, in the year 620 AF.