A Monumental Loss

Date: 03/09/2013 at 00:07
From: Corporal Hirst da'Miras
To : Dodder Storm, Urdu's Wrath
Subj: A Monumental Loss

To the offending party,

It is most unfortunate that you decided to slay my trusty albeit
slothful blood steed as he was idly munching on his favorite oats and
minding his own business.

The time and effort it took to raise the funds to buy him have now gone
to waste. Now I must get new funds by some means and...wait...he's
collared. Ok, scratch that off my list.

Drat! Now I must do without having a mount as I mourn the loss of my
faithful companion. This puts my raid plans at great risk...wait a
second...I have an artifact pet. Ok, guess that problem is solved.

Next time you wish to get in contact with me, speak with Arvest, my
eagle who also doubles as a personal secretary. I'll leave him at the
clouds so you can lay your grievances before him. He's an excellent
scribe so don't hesitate to utilize him. I just ask that you don't
attack him. Pretty please.

And for those keeping score...

Hirst: 2
Dodder: 0

Most grievously,

A grieving party

P.S. The first point was scored in the Underworld as I'm sure you know
so nice try at getting even.

Penned by my hand on the 8th of Miraman, in the year 620 AF.