From hopeless to enlightened

Date: 02/24/2013 at 07:06
From: Kohai Jhui Ta'sa, Ashuran Initiate
To : Everyone
Subj: From hopeless to enlightened

Let this post offer insight for those who are confused or ignorant.

For most of my life, I found comfort and strength in Nature. In Nature,
I lived a life of ease, a life of order. All that has changed.

In recent years, necromancers have committed monthly assaults on the
forests. I had felt my home slipping away, its essence changing and
weakening. No words can adequately describe the toll that this
destruction wrought on my body and mind. My attempts to protect and
control what happened to Nature drove me to weakness, and later to what
some have called madness. I looked to my comrades and my allies for
strength, for a cure to my malaise, but they offered nothing. I tried my
chances in the wild, sprawled under the canopy of the forests for nearly
three months.

My body was broken. My will was gone.

Nature failed me. My people failed me.

Eventually, an old friend found me lying helpless and offered me a
release. He gathered me up and took me to a dark cavern deep within the
bogs south of Ashtan. There, I was offered the help that I needed -
there, I was offered the truth. Thankfully, I accepted.

The truth was not swift. It was not painless, and will not be forgotten
- but it was enlightening.

Realization, the truth behind my existence, struck me all at once. Total
clarity entered my mind, and my past thoughts became just that - past

Why let what was happening to Nature affect me? I had assumed this world
was meant to have some order, some balance. The destruction of Nature
took my body and soul out of balance and left me helpless and stranded.
There was only one solution. It was finally clear. Embrace chaos.
Embrace the truth.

Understand that nothing is in your control. You are merely a placeholder
for the inevitable climax of Creation's story. Weakness derives from an
ignorance of the truth.

I went from pathetic to strong again within days, and as days became
months, I surpassed my previous strength. There was no weakness to hold
me back this time. I felt new. I felt great. I felt enlightened.

Understand, Sapience, that there is no fighting Chaos. Creation cannot
maintain order. You cannot fight the Void. You can, however, avoid the
suffering induced by your ignorance.

May this be a lesson,
Jhui Ta?sa

Penned by my hand on the 4th of Miraman, in the year 619 AF.