Your Choice

Date: 02/23/2013 at 04:10
From: Silas Maynard, Aarashi Rasul
To : The City of Hashan
Subj: Your Choice


You were offered the chance to redeem yourselves, and to turn to the
Light. This chance you refused.

Instead, you choose to wallow in the flickering shadows of your fallen
God. Twilight's once-wavering influence is now all but broken, His
shrines shattered by the unyielding advance of the Light. A fit of pique
saw the Lightbringer's statue destroyed, and your meagre forces finally
amassed to defile Her shrine within your crumbling walls. You have
sealed your fate.

Henceforth let it be known that all who choose to reside in the
tarnished Crown of the Ithmia have made their choice. Your Seneschal has
chosen to reject the Light, and in so doing he has damned you all. By
standing by a man - a Council - who deliberately and unabashedly
misguides you, you have damned yourselves just as surely.

Twilight's influence is gone, but His short-sighted aims still blind His
city. Let this stand as a lesson that all men must make the choice to
open their eyes to the Light.

Those who refuse to see will feel only its searing radiance.

In Their eternal service,

Silas Maynard
Priest of Rasul

Penned by my hand on the 14th of Aeguary, in the year 619 AF.