Your blindness

Date: 02/23/2013 at 02:28
From: Tanaar Al'Jafri, Targossian Scholar
To : Warlock Convert of Wealth, Lord Kald Diamante-Sar'vet
Subj: Your blindness

Slaying a sentient is not murder when their is just and Righteous cause.
Your entire premise is flawed and invalid, based upon your woeful lack
of understanding of both the late Lady Miramar's realm and your own
city's nature.

Both Shallam and her heir, the nascent state of Targossas, devoutly
protect the innocent. We have little quarrel with those who do not
routinely and remorselessly violate the weak and the helpless, and with
those who do not aid and abett the weakening of the very fabric of the
cosmos. For the crime of taking arms in defence of admitted thieves,
murderers, and Occultists, the lives of your city guards were forfeit.
Their deaths, and the deaths of all who would imperil the gift of
Creation, either directly and indirectly, are a measure of justice your
small understanding of the concept cannot hope to comprehend.

As for Ashtan being the "City of Freedom" - I thought we had gotten past
this foolish propaganda. No one believes it, save for a very few, highly
delusional Ashtani. Regardless of protestations to the contrary, Ashtan
has been the cesspool from whence Chaos has reached its grimy tentacles
since even before Servelan summoned the Unnameable. Any claim to the
contrary is laughable in the extreme, and of less worth than a
packbeast's leavings.

O servant of Wealth, you prate of "Justice" and of "Freedom," but your
perpetuation of old lies serves Darkness, and your commerce supports the
abominable work of the Nihilists.

May Fire and Light glorify the world.

Tanaar Al'Jafri

Penned by my hand on the 25th of Daedalan, in the year 619 AF.