Lies of the Light

Date: 02/23/2013 at 01:13
From: Warlock Convert of Wealth, Lord Kald Diamante-Sar'vet
To : Everyone
Subj: Lies of the Light

I say the Light cannot be good as it condones murder. It cannot be
justice as it inflict injustice on the world around it. The followers
have been blinded by hatred, ignorance, fear, and they act out like
children without parents. To most of the world this isn't new news, but
in response to Silas' posted ignorance silence simply isn't my option

Shallam received the ultimate justice in its removal from the world.
Sadly the refugees have decided to not change their flawed existence,
but wallow in the filth of their past. Justice will once more be dealt
out to those deserving. I, myself, am not excluded for all of us have
acted unjustly, only a fool claims otherwise.

So now to the missive I was going to write as I reflected on the actions
of the misguided fools of the Southeast.

When I set able to scribe this missive, I pondered the many outcomes it
may have on the world. The most likely is it'll be ignored as for those
to whom it is being pointed towards will simply stay ignorant, while the
rest of the world will simply nod its head in silent agreement.

I come to write about my thoughts on the Light and its claim of being
Good. Having read up on over a dozen murders that have occurred in
Ashtan at the hands of these followers of Light, it sparked my curiosity
about how Good the Light really is, or is there more to it. I spent days
trying to figure out how one can claim to be good, yet commit murder. I
use the term murder as there is no state of war between Ashtan and those
that once lived in Shallam. Shallam refused to go to war. The dogs of
Light trespassed into Ashtan for one purpose, to murder those sworn to
protect its citizens and keep the peace.

For all of the Light rhetoric their actions speak much louder then their
words. As an outcome of their actions I now more clearly see Evil has a
place in their lives. They speak of structure and order, yet break laws
of cities and suffer the consequences. They push guilt by association on
people, they speak out of ignorance of the truth. Lord Sartan must take
pride in these actions, Twilight as well with all of the deceit coming
from their mouths.

I recall a debate with one I will not name directly, and he was clearly
ignorant of what Ashtan stands for. He clings to the lies that he grew
up being taught, that Ashtan is the city of Chaos, when in truth it is
the City of Freedom. When I tried to get that point across the man
simply dismissed it and kept repeating the mantra of the Light. All who
live in Ashtan are condemned based solely on the fact that we let our
members do what they want, but must accept the consequences of their
actions. This same man spoke to me about how Occultists destroy
creation, I laughed at the mere idea of a mortal being capable of
wielding that much power. I see how fear and ignorance play into the
psyche of the Light.

Now I know some people might throw back at me, "Doesn't Ashtan murder
other cities guards?" quite simply, yes, we do. The difference is we
make no claim to being Good. I am no innocent, but murder is still
murder. Just because you protect the innocent does not mean all else you
are free to kill. You cannot enter a city with intent to kill guards, or
trespass for those who are already an enemy, and claim justification in
the slaughtering of those not guilty of crimes worthy of death. You
claim justice yet you only bring revenge. You are fueled by hatred of a
few and hold all responsible for those actions. You will never be free
if you follow blindly, you have traded in your freewill, your ability to
think for yourselves for the easy path of blind servitude. Only a fool
follows anything, or anyone, blindly.

I will finish on this note, as Shallam knew well, A fool and his money
are soon parted.

In Wealth,
Lord Kald Diamante-Sar'vet
A Money grubber of Wealth and Trade

Penned by my hand on the 24th of Daedalan, in the year 619 AF.