The Affairs of Moghedu

Date: 01/31/2013 at 05:10
From: Warlock Convert Kresslack De'Verres, the Black Wolf
To : Qui'anar Hermaldo Fireheart, Oracle of Death
Subj: The Affairs of Moghedu


You paint a picture of what you see as oppression and suffering within
the mines, and within the very halls, of Moghedu. The trust is much
simpler than all of that, to those who do not allow emotion to cloud
their judgment. You see no slavers in Moghedu, you see no one wearing
chains, or an iron collar. All Mhun are welcome to leave should they
wish, but to some that is their home.

Obviously Sapience has many Mhun both inside and outside of Moghedu.
Your profile of an oppressed people is inspiring, certainly, but it is
misguided. Every community, especially one dealing daily with precious
metals and valuable gems face attempts at theft. It is not uncommon for
those who have committed crimes to be put to work rather than loitering
around in some cell. That is the distinction on why there are labourers
in Moghedu, not slaves.

Working the mines, and living is Moghedu, is not an easy life. In fact,
it's quite the hard life, and it produces a hard people. Despite their
few shops and their trade in metals and gems that other communities have
come to value, the inhabitants of Moghedu live in a near constant state
of poverty. Few of them have more than the clothes they wear, and
perhaps an item of jewellery emblazoned with the symbol of their home,
to show their pride.

And yet, you would reason that you are doing them a favour, visiting to
make known your Lord's work, under the guise that you are to be their
liberator. You mistake yourself, Hermaldo, for you cannot liberate them
for they are not oppressed. They simply live in a way you find

Within the halls of Moghedu, I shall deign to give honour to your Lord's
work the next time I hear the echoes of your sermon.


Kresslack De'Verres

Penned by my hand on the 2nd of Scarlatan, in the year 617 AF.