Killing of Mhuns

Date: 01/31/2013 at 01:24
From: Qui'anar Hermaldo Fireheart, Oracle of Death
To : Everyone
Subj: Killing of Mhuns

To the citizens of Sapience,

I am truly sorry. No, I am lot sorry for littering the halls of Moghedu
with the corpses of knights and keepers. No, I am not sorry for being an
enemy of the organization the Guardians of Moghedu, nor for being hated
and hunted in the halls of the origin of the Mhun race. I am sorry for
having to litter in a different sort of way. I am sorry I must litter my
words to and fro on these public boards to explain why the killing of
mhuns is justified and righteous, when such things should be readily
apparent. I am sorry that you must all read the words of an old Satyr
and servant of the Lord Endbringer as dictated by the scribe before me.

Recently I was asked to stop hunting the hallowed halls of Moghedu. This
of course was by a man that most of you know by now, Xith Riddle. I
declined his request and I went along my merry way, making my Lord?s
work known and even putting up with my gold being pilfered to aid the
cause of the betterment of the city. As killing the mhuns that live
there is easy for me these days, I saw it as only a small loss. Easy
come, easy go. After all, wanting to aid one?s race is a noble cause,
wanting to defend your honor and where your family came from is easily
justifiable as well. That is why I am concerned though. Moghedu is far
from innocent and despite being the origin of the mhun race, has done
more to harm it than anything or anyone else in Sapience. So when public
posts began to pop up, I was definitely concerned.

While concern is one thing, I soon became angered. What angers me, what
I do not understand, is the hypocritical nature that defending the city
of Moghedu is. So Xith, I pose you this question?Have you looked at the
miners and labourers that dwell within the mines below the city proper?
Have you seen the pools of sweat that collect at the labourer?s feet?
Have you seen the rags they wear? Have you seen the deep lashes that the
miners sport? Have you seen the thick leather whips the Master Mhun
miners wield? Have you seen the oppression the lesser mhuns of that city
go through? If keepers are meant to protect shops from thieves and to
protect the law and women and children?the defenseless, why do they
patrol the mines?

Moghedu is built on Oppression. It is built on the pain and suffering of
the lower rungs of a Caste system that no longer has a place in world
rife with trade and commerce. Long ago, when Moghedu had no friends and
lived in secrecy, when water and survival were scarce to come by in
those halls, oppression may have been needed to keep order. The world is
that way no longer. People come at all times to engage in commerce with
the Mhuns. Their jewels and metals are sought far and wide. Yet slavery
and oppression still continue in those caverns and halls. Mhuns suffer
by the dozens and you whine about the conditions brought upon them all.
Mhuns are killing mhuns. Mhuns are causing suffering of mhuns. Moghedu
is a place where the strong, rule the weak. The rich only get richer,
the Mhunna only gains more power.

You say that people hunt the Mhuns like they were animals, well I say
they are acting like animals. Why should I treat mhuns any different
than I would goblins when both use slavery to mine their goods? Why
should I treat mhuns any differently than the undead, both prey and feed
on the weak to gain their power.

I will stop hunting mhuns. I will stop hunting mhuns when the Mhunna
releases his labourers and miners from their ceaseless toil and gives
them the right to earn a better place in their city. I will stop hunting
mhuns when the sanctimony ends and the Guardians of Moghedu actually
seek to protect the mhuns that actually need protection.

Moghedu is a cesspool of inequity. If you ask me to help you overthrow
the Mhunna, I will do it. If you ask me to help free up the caste system
that exists there, I will do it. Until then I will continue to slay the
knights, keepers, guards, warriors, bodyguards, master miners, and
Mhunna himself. The others will only die when you and your group pester
me in my rightful and justified killing of oppressors.

Qui?anar Hermaldo Fireheart
Oracle of Death

Penned by my hand on the 23rd of Miraman, in the year 617 AF.