Guidelines for Hunting as a Follower of Good

Date: 01/31/2013 at 12:03
From: Father Bahtell
To : Page Finchy Ithilien
Subj: Guidelines for Hunting as a Follower of Good

As I review my notes, perhaps I provided a bit of confusion by using the
phrase 'murder without just cause' for murder can actually be defined as
'killing without just cause.' The qualifier actually comes within the
definition of what constitutes 'just cause.'

I turn back to an essay that I wrote many years ago during the
transition between Church and Citadel. While my notes at this point have
not undergone the review of our current Illuminated Divine, they were
used as a foundation during the recent review of innocence by the
Citadel of Light. I provide it here as a reference point for any who
wish to follow Good in their hunting practices.

I, of course, defer to Lady Aurora and Lord Deucalion for any guidance
that They would provide us at this time.

I do hope that this is helpful to you. I am available to discuss this
with any that have a serious interest in understanding my words or the
ways of Good and Light.

Father Bahtell


Guidelines for Hunting as a Follower of Good
Regarding the Declaration of Innocent Status
of the Denizens and People Groups of Sapience

A Practical Definition of Innocence

The Holy Codex defines the term, innocent, as "a group or individual
[that] is being threatened with physical, emotional, or spiritual harm."
This status of innocence to be determined without consideration as to
whether the group or individual supports the goals and ideals of the
Holy Church. The Holy Codex also tells us that the call of the Church is
"to champion them who are unable to do so themselves (assuming [they]
wish such protection)."

Just as Good is absolute, so is our call to protect the innocents of
this realm. Though the methods that we use to divine innocence may
change, the mandate before us will not.

We find three of the ten commandments outlined for us in the Holy Codex
speak to this issue of innocence:

Do Not Kill Unjustly
Protect the Innocent
Defend those who would Defend You

The Codex of Light reminds us that "the innocent are the fodder of the
other forces [namely Evil, Chaos, and Darkness]. They are consumed,
deprived, manipulated, and deceived." We are told that giving them
protection is a means of denying our enemies growth in their evil ways.

In order to take this information and mold it into a workable
definition, the Church has adopted this definition of innocence:

The innocent are not necessarily simply those who support the Church but
they are most frequently the ones whom evil and the wicked will try to
oppress. The Church shall seek to champion them who are unable to do so
themselves, assuming the individual or group wishes such protection.
Should such protection be refused or abused, the Church need no longer
feel obligated to offer it.

Offenses Against the Innocent

Offenses against the innocent that the Holy Church shall consider an
offense against Creation:

* Extortion - an attempt to gain monetary compensation through the use
of threats or violence.

* Theft - depriving another of their rightful property.

* Assault - attack without just cause.

* Murder - Killing another without just cause.

* Genocide - The murder of a people group based upon race alone.

* Torture - any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical
or mental, is intentionally inflicted upon an individual for purposes of
obtaining information, intimidation, or coercion, or for any reason
based on discrimination of any kind.

* Slavery - the holding of another against their will thereby depriving
them of their right to leave, to refuse work, or to demand compensation.

* Piracy - attacking, including forceboarding, hindering, sinking or
stealing from another ship or causing the death of any aboard another
ship without just cause.

* The use or manipulation of Chaotic forces

* The use or manipulation of Evil forces

* The use of Necromancy

* The use or Occultism

* The use of Apostasy

* The use of Domination

Conditions & Offenses that preclude innocence:

* The use or manipulation of forces which are considered anathema to
Creation, such as Chaotic or Evil forces.

* The use of skills that are considered contrary to the forces of
Creation, such as Necromancy, Occultism, Apostasy, and Domination.

* The use or sale of Gleam

* The Undead, such as zombies, vampires, ghosts and other undead things,
are not in their natural state and should be released from their
corporeal form. This includes youth that might otherwise be considered
to be innocent. Special dispensation made be made for certain denizens
that could be said to serve Creation in spite of their undead state,
such as Candlemas. Such exceptional cases shall be stated clearly along
with the purpose for the dispensation.

* Mental derangement beyond reasonable expectation of recovery and which
proves to be a menace to others around them.



The denizens in this category define innocence by living their lives
harmoniously within the world without playing into larger world
politics. If they choose any alignment at all, they adhere to the tenets
of Good and the well-being of Creation. They may also be people who are
forced to suffer against their will. By our oaths, we are bound to
protect them.

Any who hunt innocents are considered enemies of the Church.

Mingruk, Shastaan, children


Denizens placed here have been historically known to support the Church
and Creation and futhermore have accepted our protection. They may have
asked for our protection and, having found them not to be enemies nor
harbringers of such, the Church is willing to protect them. These
denizens may or may not play a part in global politics, but rarely work
against us or our allies.

While this group may not be considered innocent by definition, as allies
we will protect them and enemy any who hunt these denizens.

Jaru, Tasurk'e, Arcadia


When placed in this group, denizens have either rejected to support and
thereby to be protected or the Church or often find themselves in world
politics against her ideals. Typically they will naught but serve
themselves, apathetic to what happens around them. As we are not bound
to protect those who do not wish it, nor those who have no interest in
the betterment of Creation as a whole, we needn't do so.

Thera, Moghedu, Mysia


These denizens are commonly known to stand against the Church, her
ideals, and/or Creation. Such people would not receive our protection
even if asked. They are opressors, necromancers, occultists, and other
sorts of enemies. They are such that we are sworn to protect innocents
from and thus are our enemies by oath.

Belladona's Keep, Underworld, Castle Enverran

Penned by my hand on the 21st of Miraman, in the year 617 AF.