Mhun's choice of food

Date: 01/30/2013 at 08:34
From: Acrolo Kahn
To : Xith I. Riddle, Speaker of the Guard
Subj: Mhun's choice of food

I am very willing to consider your views on why we, the public are not
allowed to hunt Mhun according to an organisation that has no physical
means of enforcing their own random laws except to stalk people in
Moghedu, steal their gold EARNED by hunting a race of soldiers who
choose to be soldiers to defend Moghedu against US the hunters after you
clarify some things for me.

Like you would find in most villages, the Mhuns of Moghedu are trained
to deal with us in their own way whether they die or actually
successfully fend off fiends without the help of inteviening
adventurers, or by throwing banana peels under our feet, because you in
fact have no right to attack us for choosing to hunt mhuns as I, a
Tsol'aa man have no right in attacking you if you choose to hunt
Tsol'aa, or Tsol'dasi whether your reasons are personal as your reasons
for protecting moghedu appear to be some personal matter involving a
higher sense of being from your side.

I do not know what your hunting preferences are, but if this was a cause
dedicated to the protection of a certain race, just because you happen
to be of the same race is that not prejudice against all the other races
in sapience which also deserve the same protection?

I have my personal reasons for hunting in Mogheu, one of them being the
fact that I found a book in the cook's posession that is entitled "How
to serve tsol'aa" If you can give me a reasonable explanation as to why
Mhuns eat Tsol'aa then I will gladly back away from Moghedu and leave
the Mhun be, but what gives Mhuns the right to eat my race and you the
right to tell me I cannot hunt them for it?

Penned by my hand on the 6th of Miraman, in the year 617 AF.