Date: 01/30/2013 at 03:06
From: Knave Adept Aktillum Rousseau
To : Xith I. Riddle, Speaker of the Guard
Subj: Mhuns

Dear Xith,

In your post you lament "Why is a mhun's purpose to clothe and feed
others by our flesh and blood? No other race suffers the same fate on
the same magnitude. The halls of our ancestors are treated as hunting
grounds like common animals."

I tell you to look to your own city, whos hand is covered in the blood
of a thousand Mhuns and Atavians. Moghedu is not the only racial home
that is plundered daily by the likes of Occultists, Ashurans and those
who rally under the banner of "Freedom". Indeed, Arcadians are regularly
murdered and mercilessly slaughtered by Ashtani, even though Vastar once
patroned her.

I applaud you for your efforts, but it is the bloodthirst of the Ashtani
you must address first.


Penned by my hand on the 25th of Aeguary, in the year 617 AF.