The Guardians of Moghedu

Date: 01/29/2013 at 11:11
From: Xith I. Riddle, Speaker of the Guard
To : Everyone
Subj: The Guardians of Moghedu

Sentient people of Sapience,

Allow me to introduce ourselves officially. We are the Guardians of
Moghedu, founded by Revelation for the need of a mhun union, to protect
our ancestral home and see our race prosper to the fullest.

Mhun have often been quiet and reserved, never drawing much attention.
This has, unfortunately, made us easy prey for all manner of ill will.
Whether it be the blood-spattered halls of Moghedu or simple mhun-skin
boots stocked in a shop, the prejudice is rampant. This might not be
unsettling itself, except that when confronted about the issue, a great
many people simply laugh and continue as though it should happen. Our
question is: WHY?
Why is a mhun's purpose to clothe and feed others by our flesh and
blood? No other race suffers the same fate on the same magnitude. The
halls of our ancestors are treated as hunting grounds like common
animals, a simple social convention rather than the atrocity it is.

The Guardians have been working with the citizens and soldiers of
Moghedu for some decades now. We have helped train the women in the arts
of Striking to better defend themselves, helped to recruit and fill
their ranks, even fulfill the daily duties of guards unable to deliver
their daily reports upon being slain.
And, as some of you are aware, we have taken note of murderers.

This posting is an official notice of policy.
All who engage in crimes against the halls of Moghedu and mhunkind shall
find themselves enemied to our organisation and treated accordingly.

Those crimes are:
- attacking any inhabitant of Moghedu, or following those who do
- vandalising the halls
- manufacturing or peddling wares made from mhun
- willful and hateful displays against mhunkind, known as hate crimes
*Trespassing fines are now discontinued, but those who ignored their
initial warnings will find it harder to resolve enemy status.

Enemies in Moghedu will not receive any more hospitality or respect than
they have shown our people.

Warnings will still be issued as a one-time chance to redeem mistakes
and forgo future transgression. A sincere apology by first-time
offenders will grant them right to contribute 3000 gold to the cause and
resolve enemy status.

Even if you gain martial experience by engaging our brothers in combat,
be advised that you are NOT entitled to looting their corpses. The
Guardians will reclaim all lost gold and return it to Moghedu to reduce
profit by our blood.

Mockery and dismissing our concerns only serve to emphasize the point.
The mhun have been easy victims of everything from bullying to
full-blown hate crimes. The disrespect has become so commonplace that it
is perceived as acceptable. And that is what we seek to change.

Last, to our fellow mhun:
Our species was born from adaptation, and this is a time of change. You
will likely face various forms of opposition and negative attention when
you stand united with your kin, but that is the price of success. You
will also find encouragement and newfound respect from positive-minded
people, with the end result being the acknowledgement of our species'
right to fair treatment.
We have no political bias, and mhun of all citizenships are welcome and
encouraged to contact us. We value all talents and professions, leaders
and otherwise. Unfortunately, Mhaldorian citizens are pitted against the
mhun race by default and cannot find membership here.

Thank you.
Xith Riddle, Speaker of the Guard

Penned by my hand on the 21st of Aeguary, in the year 617 AF.