My Excommunication

Date: 01/29/2013 at 02:49
From: Lady Melodie Le'Murzen, Arcthyos
To : Everyone
Subj: My Excommunication

Greetings, Sapience.

Many of you don't know who I am. Several only know me as "that priestess
Lady Aurora excommunicated". Whether you know me or not is of no import
- my words below are what matters, in this instance.

When such an event as an excommunication is made so public, rumours tend
to take root and grow faster than any weed known to our realms. This
infestation is something I seek to rid you all of through the most
potent means possible - truth.

The severing of my well-spring to the flow of Devotion that befell me
during Valnurary of 615 was rightly done, and justified.

I have done many things in my life, and unfortunately, that includes
some things I'm not proud of. I, as the then-Domina of the Ordine
Vashnar Lumeni, faced Lord Pentharian and tried to back away from
something I had originally agreed upon. He summoned me to Him, and I
rightly faced His wrath. Some years later, during the course of debates
with the Nihilists, I drank a drink offered to me, willingly. It matters
not that this was a slip in my judgment - I did it, nonetheless. And
lastly, I did speak terse words to a follower of the Lightbringer when
questioned about someone I was on the hunt with, a breech of
fraternization rules.

Everything I did was my own actions and words, and for that, I deserved
my excommunication.

My shame at these events cannot be expressed with simple quill and
parchment. But despite how some people may feel, what was done is done,
and rightly so. Now instead, I begin the path of redemption to try and
amend the grievous wrongs performed by me. Shaming even those of my own
faith, of my own city, it will be no easy task.

I realize that some of you will mock me, and some of you will try to
comfort me, but understand this: I am no matyr. I am a fallen, foolish
priestess with a long journey ahead of her. Your words, both kind and
bitter, have no impact on this, and are both unnecessary and unwanted.
Even now, I am preparing myself to do what is necessary to redeem myself
to the Lightbringer and the Righteous Fire.

-Melodie Le'Murzen

Penned by my hand on the 1st of Aeguary, in the year 617 AF.