Declaration: Academy of War

Date: 01/16/2013 at 12:22
From: Archdragon Mizik Corten, Herald of Ruin
To : Everyone
Subj: Declaration: Academy of War

Hail, Sapience

I am the Archdragon.

The Ashura will be resuming our natural position as the most powerful
House within Sapience. After this long respite I am casting off the veil
of complacence and redefining the purpose of our Monastery. We now
honour the name and realm of our father, the Divine Warlord Aegis, in
reestablishing ourselves as the prime military organization on this
continent. We open our doors as the Ashuran Academy of War.

For knowledge of the unknowable mysteries beyond the realm, seek the
Occultists. For power intangible, and for the mastery of elemental and
ethereal energies, seek the Warlocks. For gambit conception and asset
acquisition, seek the Shadosnakes.

For the brutal and tactical applications of War and mastery of the
martial arts, the Ashura stand unmatched and unchallenged.

I call upon the combat legends of Sapience. Many I have fought alongside
and most I have met at odds on the battlefield. Join me to hone blade
and fist unified under the first primal rule: survival of the fittest.
To those warriors branded with the mark of the Fumeiyo: I will turn my
attention to pleas and allow loyalty to be proven and by your blood have
honour restored.

I have heard tell of a long lost fire kindling in the ruins to the east
- in kind I shall reignite the Ashura's burning flame and meet this
trespasser head on.

In service,

Archdragon Mizik Corten, Herald of Ruin

Penned by my hand on the 12th of Daedalan, in the year 616 AF.