A response to the end of our war

Date: 12/30/2012 at 11:27
From: Deacon Xer
To : The City of Ashtan
Subj: A response to the end of our war

Overseer Dunn Lichlord,

What Mhaldorian that is left in you, must be a withered shell of its
former self if that is all it takes for it to be ashamed. Your time in
Ashtan has starved what Mhaldorian essence you retained when you turned

Whatever lies or stories you fabricate, or even truth it may be that you
speak - You have forgotten what it means to be Mhaldorian. Mhaldor
stands strong, and it will always be a pillar of Strength in Sapience. I
am -proud-. Proud to have lived in Mhaldor, and moreover, proud to be
living in these times of adversity. Mhaldorians of the past, and those
long dormant have yearned for this era, where Mhaldor will return to
prominence under Master Sartan - an era where we will be tested like we
have never have before.

Those who succumb to the harshness of Mhaldorian life will leave soon
enough. Whatever hardships that come our way will only strengthen us,
will only -prove- us to be strong enough for the day we will rule

Take away what victories you can for now, Bastion of the North, for our
day is coming. 'And in that day, atrocity shall overtake the world and
all shall walk in fear'. I pray that you at least remember these words
from your time in Mhaldor... and tremble.

In Suffering,
Deacon Xer

Penned by my hand on the 2nd of Glacian, in the year 614 AF.