LOTTERY 8 - Results!

Date: 12/27/2012 at 12:12
From: Madelyne Jinx-Ech'lir
To : Everyone
Subj: LOTTERY 8 - Results!

First, a huge thank you to all of Sapience for their support in our
house lottery. As a side effect to major recent events, everyone was
able to purchase tickets, eevn if previously excluded. Seeing this as a
sign from forces larger than our mortal selves, Ty Beirdd will honour
all ticket winners with a prize regardless of their status.

Next, a big congratulations to all the winners! It is an honour to share
a bit of our house with so much of the realm, far and wide, and we are
already looking forward to next Logosmas, when we can come together to
enjoy yet another fun lottery, with a bounty of generous prizes.

Prizes and Winners:

1. Instrument. An instrument from Ty Beirdd plus 100 credits.
Winning ticket: 26076, owned by Cooper

2. Reagents. 100 reagents (10 each of ten varieties) plus 25cr.
Winning ticket: 26645, owned by Hermaldo

3. Ink. 100 each color ink Plus 25cr.
Winning ticket: 23259, owned by Kenway

4. Minerals. 100 each type of curative mineral plus 25cr.
Winning ticket: 26664, owned by Hermaldo

5. Ingredients. 100 each type of riftable cooking ingredient plus 1
vial each of milk, saltwater, and freshwater and 25cr.
Winning ticket: 27641, owned by Katia

6. Commodities. 100 commodities for crafting plus 10cr.
Winning ticket: 29050, owned by Hermaldo

7. Booze! 100 sips of Zanzibaar Island Rum in a songbird vial
unique to house Ty Beirdd plus 10cr.
Winning ticket: 27117, owned by Tasleus

8. Manuscripts. 100 blank pages (2 empty manuscripts) plus 10cr.
Winning ticket: 28900, owned by Isis

9. Treasure. 100 gold inside a Ty Beirdd treasure box plus 10cr.
Winning ticket: 18925, owned by Rexak

10. Clay. A lump of clay (unique house item) & 100 rats & 10cr.
Winning ticket: 20049, owned by Aeryllin

Congratulations again, and here is hoping everyone had a safe and happy
Logosmas season.

In song,

Penned by my hand on the 7th of Valnuary, in the year 614 AF.