Date: 12/18/2012 at 09:12
From: Silas Maynard
To : Everyone
Subj: Responses


It's interesting that you recall the Anointed. Let us do that, shall we?

That once great group, formed ages past in service to the Light, is
another that has been consigned to the past. You hold leadership over
what remains, but the desert, that robed man, and the tome have all been
destroyed. They are behind us.

Their service to the Light will never be forgotten, as it was through
their power that Babel's mark was removed as proof that Creation can yet
triumph over Chaos; but the tragedies and failures of the past, as
evidenced by your defection, are nothing more than lessons as we look to
this bright and glorious future.

So yes, old friend, I will pardon your amusement, as I'm sure you would
have pardoned my satisfaction as the Lord of Valour sundered the

And so, as it happens, we come to the tired lies of the so-called


You know nothing. Your flaunting of your ignorance on these boards,
especially when you have the gall to label yourself a scholar, is
saddening to see.

Lady Aurora's formation was a fortunate circumstance of the explosion of
the Morning Star as it collided with Abbadon. Her coming, along with the
coming of Apollyon, was a result and not a cause of the star Ethian
colliding with that bottomless pit - the Destroyer - and the energy
released in that collision.

Further, we know much more of Dunamis's history than you obviously do.
Dunamis was not a God; he was instead a being of unimaginable power
existing in the Outer Planes. He fought against the Mad God as Dunamis,
which is how his sword ended up in the flank of the Marvinogian, and it
was Dunamis that sealed that beast in the box where he should have

Early in the modern era, Tassad Baraslan, one of the old Church
secretaries, performed a ritual to summon Dunamis from his plane of pure
Order to this Prime Material Plane to assist in leading the Church.
Dunamis left that plane but, knowing that the Order could not be
sustained without somebody to sustain it, he had Tassad take his place.
On his arrival, he was honoured by the Logos with the mantle of Lord
Deucalion, when He became the God of Righteousness.

Neither Dunamis nor Lord Deucalion made pretences to the Even-handed's
realm. Their names mean, respectively, in the language of the Aldar if
I'm not mistaken, the Justice That Was and the Justice That Is. That is
where the only known connection to Lady Miramar lies.

To answer the third point from your original post, again your studies
fail you. Imithia, progeny of the Offspring Pasiphae, founded what we
knew as the Holy Church as a place of worship for all Divine. Her noble,
selfless vision evolved into the Church that stood against you and
yours, and your attempts to brand her evil are naught but tired
Occultist propaganda.

What we did in the past, in the name of the Light, is no shame to any of
us. Occultists seek, through their connection with Chaos, to bring about
the end of everything. The experiments carried out by the cabals back
then made the Burning Times look like child's play.

You will forgive me, Apollodorus, if I do not shed a tear for your
ancestors as they fed the righteous fires of my predecessors. When one
seeks to bring an end to this gift of Creation, turning it over to the
realm of Chaos, there will be no mercy for you in the Light.

Does this make the Light a destructive force? Of course not. We are
children of Creation, followers of Good, but we recognise that for
Creation to grow strong and to flourish, the weeds must be cut out and
burned. We are relentless in the pursuit of our goals, but those goals
are noble. We seek only the perfection of Creation, the rebirth of that
perfect state before the encroachment of Chaos and the warping of Ayar's

Just as we united to destroy Bal'met, so shall we unite, under the
banner of the Lightbringer and the Righteous Fire, to bring an end to
any who threaten the purity of Creation. Child killing scum, and all.

Always, in Their service,

Silas Maynard

Penned by my hand on the 12th of Glacian, in the year 613 AF.