A brief reply

Date: 12/18/2012 at 07:29
From: Apollodorus Tatharin, Waning Moon Sage
To : Thaumas
Subj: A brief reply

Dear Thaumas,

The spraying of your confusion all over the public news boards does
little to refute any of my points. Your strange attempts to malign my
character and reputation do even less. I will briefly explain your
errors for the sake of any young and impressionable minds that might
happen upon these boards. Perhaps with some careful consideration and
guidance, you will eventually grow to see beyond your current confusion.

Gods are born and, indeed, die all the time without obliterating all
life on Sapience. Aurora's obliteration of all life cannot be casually
dismissed as normal feature of divine birth. It was distinct to Her. Nor
does your attempted "correlation does not apply causation" correction
apply. There did not just randomly happen to be a huge explosion in the
sky on the same day that Aurora happened to begin existing. The causal
link between the two events is well-known and well-established.
"Aurora's existence began with an explosion that destroyed all life on
Sapience" is simple, uncontroversial historical fact.

It is important to understand the meaning of these clever-sounding
little refutations before you attempt to deploy them, Thaumas. In the
spirit of scholarly benevolence, I'd encourage you in the future to have
an older friend, perhaps a mentor or parent, read over your writings
before you post them to the public news.

Your second point is an unfortunately poor misreading of my original
post, including the careless invention of language I never used and
statements I never made. It is sufficient to say, however, that the
moon's existence prior to the ascension of Elentari is quite
demonstrable. The existence of "Light" as a cosmic supernatural defender
of Creation (rather than as, say, illumination and plant-food) simply is

What we know of Deucalion's history amounts to this: long ago He fought
Lord Babel. At some point less long ago someone imprisoned Him on a
distant plane. In recent history, He was released from His prison
essentially through the sacrifice of someone named Tassad, whereupon He
immediately laid claim to the realm of the elder goddess Miramar. If you
have more information than that, Thaumas, specifically about when and
how He was created, what His actual realm was at that point, who
imprisoned Him on that plane, etc., I'm sure the rest of us would love
to read it. If not, however, you should be careful about claiming to
have knowledge of matters on which you are ignorant. In this case,
ignorance can be quite instructive.

Your total inability to effectively contend with my third point
concerning the ideology of the Church and Imithia's crimes is, of
course, also quite instructive.

Following your example, this is the point in my post where I should
attempt a petulant character attack against you. I have, however, never
heard of you, nor do I know anything about you or bear you any special
ill-will, despite a post whose unnecessary nastiness must I imagine be
an example of the tantrums to which you confess yourself to be prone.
Let my above exposition of your errors stand in as the fullness of my
commentary on your capacities as a scholar.

All the best,


Penned by my hand on the 11th of Glacian, in the year 613 AF.