Forming a new clan, that we never forget recent events

Date: 12/17/2012 at 08:05
From: Dawnstrider Werin, the Arcane
To : Everyone
Subj: Forming a new clan, that we never forget recent events

These past few years have seen tremendous loss, not only of mortals but
even of Divine. The most notable loss of all, of course, is that of
Maya, the Great Mother, who sacrificed Herself in order to allow Bal'met
to be destroyed. Perhaps it might be said that the corruption of Maya's
shrine in order to create Bal'met was a forewarning of what would be
lost to end the threat.
But let us not forget exactly who it was who aided the Dala'myr in their
quest to create Bal'met, and Who directly commanded them to perform this
desecration. As we are all aware, Bal'met was created through the
designs of the Twin Lords, who now have re-merged into Lord Sartan.
We all know it now, but history has a way of being forgotten if care is
not taken to ensure it is remembered. This must not be. The manner in
which two of the Pentad were destroyed must not be forgotten, and those
who brought it about must not profit as a result, lest they try again.
Therefore, in order that we never forget what happened over these past
few years and Who was responsible and still is pleased at what happened,
and in order to carry out appropriate Justice against the city that
helped bring these events about, I believe we should create a clan
(hopefully to become a High Clan), the Avengers of Maya.
This clan will exist in order to keep alive the memory of these events
and to bring proper retribution upon the city of Mhaldor and upon all
who follow Sartan until they are no more. All will be welcome, whether
they follow the Light or Chaos or Nature or none of those, so long as
they are willing to help in these goals. While we may have vastly
differing viewpoints regarding many other issues, on this let us stand
united. And let us not forget that adventurers were not the only, or
even the principal, victims of these such, the clan will be
open to denizens and to Divine as well as to mortal adventurers.

On a more mundane note, forming a clan costs a lot of money and I am not
wealthy. Any who would wish to aid in the formation of this clan,
whether by contributing money, by selling a used clan for cheap, or
simply by going ahead and making the clan, should message me.

Penned by my hand on the 12th of Chronos, in the year 613 AF.