On foolishness and wisdom

Date: 12/16/2012 at 11:21
From: Father Azor Corso, Messiah of the Damned
To : Silas Maynard
Subj: On foolishness and wisdom

Hail to you, old colleague,

I confess myself surprised to observe your conflation of Shallam's
interest with the interest of Mhaldor and of Lord Sartan. Were it
Mhaldor intent to abet Shallam and ensure her prosperity, then indeed,
our recent course of action would be "foolish."

But I do not think I'll bowl you over when I confide that the Lord is
-pleased- to see Shallam sunk in the mire, its citizenry scattered
across Sapience or huddled in New Hope, its leadership, so I have heard,
riven by self-recriminations.

As to the gods--who are we mortals to say where advantage lies? Lady
Keresis is perished, and Lord Apollyon's essence reabsorbed. Yet Lord
Malevolence rises anew. Lady Mithraea, Lady Tarah, Lady Miramar, and
Lord Pentharian are perished, and the Jade Empress has abandoned this
plane. Yet Lady Aurora and Lord Deucalion rise again. Surely the
mechanical task of counting heads will not yield wisdom. We can say with
confidence only that the gods still rule over mortal affairs.

And I say this: the way of the Truths leads to Strength indeed.

I hope that you will pardon my amusement, old friend, as you dredge what
you can from the Peshwar Delta. No doubt you are heartened by the
resurrection of the Lightbringer. But recall the endless desert we found
within the Tome of the Anointed--recall the words of that old man. And
then, for the sake of yourself and your people, attempt to overcome your
understandable enthusiasm.

In service to the Truths,
Father Azor Corso, Messiah of the Damned

Penned by my hand on the 17th of Phaestian, in the year 613 AF.