Lottery 8: Ty Beirdd's 2nd Logosmas Lottery

Date: 12/09/2012 at 08:17
From: Dean of the Academie of Fine Arts, Madelyne Jinx-Ech'lir
To : Everyone
Subj: Lottery 8: Ty Beirdd's 2nd Logosmas Lottery

In the spirit of Logosmas, Ty Beirdd would like to offer the
chance to win some fabulous items - including rare, house-only
items. Good luck to everyone!

Tickets are just 200 gold each!

You can buy a ticket for other people as a Logosmas gift!

Ticket boxes are located in Delos and at the Logosmas Tree
in the Town Centre of New Thera. You can also buy directly
from Madelyne, providing you can find her in the realm.

1. Instrument.
An instrument from Ty Beirdd plus 100 credits.

2. Reagents.
100 reagents (10 each of ten varieties) plus 25cr.

3. Ink.
100 each color ink (INCLUDING black!) plus 25cr.

4. Minerals.
100 each type of curative mineral plus 25cr.

5. Ingredients.
100 each type of riftable cooking ingredient plus 1
vial each of milk, saltwater, and freshwater plus 25cr.

6. Commodities.
100 commodities for crafting plus 10cr.

7. Booze!
100 sips of Zanzibaar Island Rum in a songbird vial
(unique to house Ty Beirdd) plus 10cr.

8. Manuscripts.
100 blank pages (2 empty manuscripts) plus 10cr.

9. Treasure.
100 gold inside a Ty Beirdd treasure box plus 10cr.

10. Clay.
A lump of clay (unique house item) & 100 rats & 10cr.

DISCLAIMER -- If you are an enemy to Ty Beirdd or Cyrene
and win a ticket, then your prize will be forfeit and donated
back to Ty Beirdd.

Thanks in advance to everyone who buys a ticket and good luck to all!

In song,

Penned by my hand on the 21st of Daedalan, in the year 613 AF.