A Competition of the Highest Importance and Sombrest Seriosity

Date: 12/06/2012 at 05:57
From: Praetor Urbanus, Spraeth Sinaire, the Murine Miscuri
To : Everyone
Subj: A Competition of the Highest Importance and Sombrest Seriosity

As the peals of Divinely impish laughter echoing across the heavens may
have indicated to you, Lady Pandora is alive and well, having recovered
quite admirably from the wounds She suffered at the hands of Bal'met's
dastardly trap. It just goes to show you what a sense of humour can do
for recovery!

For thsoe who have been asleep or totally dumb, Our Lady of Mischief put
forth quite an admirable showing against the Dala'myrr, making them fly
into each other and then just making a whole tower full of them
collapse. While striking a blow towards victory for which we all should
be thankful, She somehow managed to inject a bit of humour into one of
the most tense battles of recent times. Then, in the Garden's effort to
rescue the late Lord Hermes, She was afflicted by a nasty trap which put
Her quite out of commission for a time. She wasn't (im)mortally wounded,
although it really mussed up Her hair and Her mood. If it weren't for
Lord Scarlatti's magnanimity in soothing the Goddess, She might have
gotten very cross indeed.

Her healing and recovery were not without cost, though! Her essence
stores are sadly depleted. To that end, the Miscuri are sponsoring a
year-long essence contest to rejuvenate our Goddess's stores. If you
weren't already chomping at the bit to get Lady Pandora some essence,
perhaps as an expression of gratitude for Her helping to save all our
butts from the Dala'myrr, then perhaps this will sweeten the pot: the
winner of the contest shall receive the Lady's truefavour.

Now, get out there, crack some jokes, and crack some heads!

-- Praetor Urbanus Spraeth Sinaire, the Murine Miscuri.

Penned by my hand on the 10th of Glacian, in the year 612 AF.