Date: 12/04/2012 at 04:55
From: Elysian Silas Maynard
To : Everyone
Subj: Embers

Greetings, Sapience,

No matter your creed or calling, no matter your gender or race, no
matter your citizenship or loyalties, we have a common enemy in Bal'met.
Oh, the blind in Mhaldor fail to see it, but as Bal'met's power grows,
where next might he look to slake his endless thirst for destruction?

I urge you all to take heed of the Dragonmaster's words, and gather the
embers shed by Ashaxei. Bring them to the lake at Ashaxei's Mirror, at
the bottom of the crater where once El'Jazira stood. Drop them there to
empower the lake so that they might be used to strike against the
befouled Father of Dragons.

My home is no more, but I will see Justice prevail. My God is dead, but
I will see that Valour lives on. I will stand tall under the mantle of
Righteous Fire to see that Bal'met is brought to an end.

Whether you stand with or against my ideals, I implore you all, people
of Sapience, to come together in memory of Those you have all lost and
do your duty to this realm of Creation.

Bring your tokens of Ashaxei's loss to the lake at her mirror so that no
more need fall to these atrocities.

In Their memory,

Silas Maynard

Penned by my hand on the 11th of Phaestian, in the year 612 AF.