My lies? Or your continued deceit?

Date: 11/25/2012 at 06:22
From: Lupine Wattsee a'Lenendra
To : Madelyne Jinx-Ech'lir
Subj: My lies? Or your continued deceit?


While I don't wish to delve into this argument deeply with you again, I
simply made a post requesting that those who don't fully understand what
happened ages ago, look up the information. Or at least ask those they
feel they can trust for that information.

I don't trust agatheis, nor shall I ever, that is my personal stance,
and I would encourage everyone to evaluate their own levels of trust
with him. From an organizational standpoint, I'll let the words of the
unicorn god speak for themselves. This information also should be
readily available in the Cyrenian Senate's libraries, as it is just an
excerpt from the full journal I provided to them just prior to my
enemying to the city I grew up in.

" = E L E M E N T A L H O U S E O F A I R =

When you become an Elemental Master within this discipline, you should
be sharply trained in philosophy and the clandestine arts. It is not in
our best interest to advertise that I possess Order members functioning
to gather secrets and information, as it will simply make the job of the
members of this Elemental House that much harder. The outsider should
see this discipline simply as one of historian and lore."

Now as I understand it, this may just have been rewritten after I
"called wolf". I care not if it has or hasn't. I could not care less if
you, Madelyne, consider me to be lost within the madness of my own mind.
What I care about, is that those who have long held agatheis under a
wary eye, do not simply forget why.

So with that, feel free to contact me privately, any and all,

~Wattsee a'Lenendra

Penned by my hand on the 21st of Mayan, in the year 611 AF.