Date: 11/24/2012 at 06:34
From: Lupine Wattsee a'Lenendra
To : The Arcane Kindred
Subj: Mistakes


It has been many years since I have extended words your way, but your
recent decisions demand them of me.

Not many of you may recall the times around a century ago, which led to
the ban you have just chosen to lift. Not many of you may recall the
horrible division which took place in the House I used to call home,
along with the City nestled in the mountains.

Some do.

I once put my trust in the Elemental lord. I was immensely foolish to do
so, but I did it. When his plans were uncovered, and those of the
Kindred themselves asked me, I did not hold back any information from
them. I had never intended to harm the Kindred, when I first started
working for my order. I had never realized to what a grand scale
agatheis' deceit could go.

I have not been part of your City or your House for many, many years,
but I still care for you. I have never come to blows with you, and never
wish to. I still love the Kindred and Cyrene deeply, regardless of
sentences against me.

If you don't remember why the ban was placed upon the followers of
agatheis, I suggest you seek out the reason. If you don't believe my
words, then I suggest you ask those in your House and City. I have lived
my life making up for the mistakes I made in youth. I hope you learn
from my example. I implore you to never trust him, or his followers.

In service,

~Wattsee a'Lenendra

Penned by my hand on the 23rd of Glacian, in the year 611 AF.