Voice of the voiceless

Date: 11/15/2012 at 09:50
From: Shahai
To : Everyone
Subj: Voice of the voiceless

Achaean society is stagnant, and it favors the privileged. Elders claims
domain over rights that, by their nature, belong to all of Sapience.
Cities, Houses and Orders alike abuse the very social contract that
gives them the power they wield. What's the answer?

After my first post (#19091), I recieved several messages. That is a
first, great but hard, step to take. Most of the people reached by my
message were mostly wondering what to do. I met several of you, talked
about goals and ideals. And the most appropriated answer for now is to
gather into a clan.

This clan will not only be for Younglings, but for all the people who
deeply feel the oppression of an outdated society. Every cast out,
forsaken, idealist or dispossessed person is welcame. It is a clan for
all the people who do not feel they have a true place nor a true goal in
this life and wishes to survive. It is a clan for all the people who
wishes to fight unfair authority, domination, blind obedience, and

Unfortunately, and as it is expected from a society based on centuries
old sclerosed laws made by and for a privilegied elite, to found a clan
is over expensive. Who has 500k when they are 20? Even if so, who would
spend it in creating a clan instead of buying - overpriced, even
unreachables for Novices - credits? Azuen, in the name of Charity,
already offered 90k for the creation of the clan. Very far from what is
needed, but there is no little help. I do officially thank her for her

This is a clan that will exist both within and on the fringes of Achaean
society. Its members are interested in tearing down the social order
upheld by the Elders, believing it to unfairly defend the interest and
status of a select number of older mortals at the expense of the greater

All members thinks it is better to be starving in the wilderness than to
be well-fed in a cage, but each individual in the clan has their own
idea of what makes the "best" kind of social contract. Some wishes open
revolution and bring down the system while others efforts are being to
transform Achaean society from within, preserving the structures that
protects people while striping away elements they believe holds it back
from becoming something worthy of believing in.

Whatever is your faith, race, City or House, if you feel that my
messages reaches you, or if you only want to support with donations, if
you also wish that our clan, vessel of our ideal, can once become more
than a dream, contact me.

Penned by my hand on the 22nd of Aeguary, in the year 611 AF.