Re: Noises

Date: 11/15/2012 at 01:54
From: Seraph Traelor Shu'in-Crescent, Priest of the Assembly
To : Dreadlord Carmain, Shayatin Reaper
Subj: Re: Noises

Confusion. Despair. Heartache. These are your tools, are they not? The
tools of Evil? You encourage us to continue to wonder about things
beyond our mortal understanding because doing so will cause us to lose
trust in one another.

The Light shines within all sentient beings on Sapience. The Te'Serra
have called, using Shallam, the Jewel of the East, as Their example. We
are Their chosen people and are quite well aware of what our place in
this world is. There is no confusion amongst us.

We do not know the daily machinations of the Gods, but we never have.
Admitting that is not a sign of weakness or hopelessness, simply an
acknowledgment of our limited mortal scope. This is something that has
always been true.

The personal ways and wants of the Divine are beyond our understanding,
I concede that. However, most have made Their Will known to us. With the
death of the God of Suffering at the hand of Lord Pentharian, I
understand quite plainly. We must fight, not to seek Vengeance or to
inflict pain upon those who have harmed us, but to show that there is
still Justice in this world. Those who would harm Creation must be

What Bal'met does or does not do in the future is of no consequence to a
Child of the Light. Our duty is clear each morning when Lady Sol's rays
drive back the darkness. Good is an eternal force, spawned by Creation
in order to protect It and help It Grow. This is true no matter what
Divine live or die.

The world may be torn asunder by powers beyond mortal understanding, but
Good will still exist. The Children of the Light will still Serve with
Wisdom and Honour in an effort to protect Creation from Its enemies. I
see no reason for hopelessness or confusion when such a duty stands
before me.

Penned by my hand on the 2nd of Aeguary, in the year 611 AF.