Re: The Great Balance

Date: 11/15/2012 at 12:04
From: Dread Admiral Kresslack De'Verres, the Black Wolf
To : Bloodborn Mystie, Ephialties Infernal
Subj: Re: The Great Balance


You are correct that destruction brings about new life, and in turn life
warrants destruction from time to time. Just as fire can be beneficial
towards new growth in a forest, too much of it can result in nothing
growing anew. Too much of something is not in accordance with Balance.

Through Destruction, Makali acted as an advocate for Balance. Even as
the Great Mother, this seems to have always been Her intent. Did She not
intervene and rid the world of the Eye of Proteus, seeing that it would
always be sought with the intent to be exploited?

Destruction with the intent of renewal is one thing, but destruction
with the intent to secure power and position is another. The Twin Lords
call this new god Their ally, and one has to wonder at the truth of
that. Is this truly an ally, or is it that They have chosen to submit to
Bal'met, seeking to restore Mhaldor and Their doctrines to power once
more. Do you expect the Twin Lords will be content to serve under
another god? It seems more likely They would turn and claim power for
Themselves once They have secured what They desire. History is riddled
with the temporary alliances of the divine.

For every position in power, there is a time of downfall which answers
it. The same is true for the opposite: once in a position of
helplessness, one can be risen to a position of power. Mhaldor, if
anyone in recent times, can attest to relevance of this. Yet you've
merely traded one set of shackles for another, under the illusion that
this new god has your best interests in mind. Perhaps you fail to
realize how insignificant you are to Him, in earnest.

A sailor knows well when to brave the storm and when to rest in berth,
and they do it for their safety, that of their crew, and the well-being
of their vessel. What has been done, and is being attempted, is an act
of recklessness, perhaps borne of desperation, and it will perhaps bring
Mhaldor the Suffering and Oppression they hold in high regard, through
their own hands.

For those of you who have contacted me recently about acquiring a copy
of 'The Great Balance', these will be provided for 7,000 gold
sovereigns, which includes the cost of providing them. Mail your offers
to me and be sure to include your name, and where these will be added in


Kresslack De'Verres

Penned by my hand on the 1st of Aeguary, in the year 611 AF.