The Flame

Date: 11/14/2012 at 04:29
From: Tyehr
To : Han-Tolneth
Subj: The Flame

Greetings, Dragonmaster;

It is good to see you back in Sapience. Your profound grief and sorrow
is fully understood, as is your, now all consuming, rage to avenge her
tragic demise and your need for retribution.

You have more memories of her than any of us. Memories that you want to
keep forever, memories you pledged to keep.

That is why, I feel, it is so important right now to put everything
aside, even the corrupted shrines and turn our full attention to the
dying Flame. If the Flame dies, we, including all memories, will die
with it. There will be nothing left but Sarapis within the void, all
memories of her gone. I am certain that neither you nor the rest of
Sapience, want that to happen. You want the memories of her and of all
our perished Gods to last forever. You owe it to Them, to her.

Grief and lust for vengeance, weaken us, cloud our minds during the time
when our minds should be absolutely clear. Only with clear mind the
right solution to rekindle the Fire that feeds the Flame can be found.

You know more of Ashaxei's secrets than anyone, Dragonmaster. Please try
to clear your mind and try to remember, is there anything else that you
can recall that will help? Any details, any hints, anything that you
might have missed in your initial recollections, so understandable in
time of shock and your greatest grief.

As I understand, Ashaxei told you that it was Ayar Himself who build the
Fire behind the Flame, Fire that underpins the spark of life itself and
we all including the Gods depend on it. She told you that when the Fire
was built two races came into existence: Greater Dragons as we know them
and Dala'myrr; two opposites to hold together the very primordial power
of existence in balance. Both are equally needed, both equally

Ashaxei is gone, but not all Greater Dragons are. Their spirit remains
not only within many of us, but also scattered across the land in the
form of primal embers. Many of these embers were used to summon Lord
Bal'met, but many still remain, now used to restore the corrupted
shrines or to corrupt them again. But isn't the fate of the Flame the
most pressing issue at the moment, far more important than any shrines?

Now, where do we go from here, Dragonmaster? How can we return the
balance to the world, to life itself? We are faced with so many
paradoxes here, totally incomprehensible to our mortal minds.

Dala'myrr believed that Lord Bal'met is the future incarnation of the
Fire Behind the Flame. That future is now, Lord Bal'met is here.

Does it mean that Lord Bal'met is to hold an absolute power over the
Fire? Perhaps, but if that were true, balance intended by Ayar would be
gone. Would the lack of balance cause the Fire to perish? If so, all,
Evil and Good, land and seas, all shrines, all memories would be gone
from existence. Nobody wants that, including Lord Bal'met Himself, I'm

So, what do we do, Dragonmaster?

How do we reconstruct the spirit of the Greater Dragon? Embers restore
the shrines, are they able to restore the Dragon spirit itself?

Evil side of the pole of balance summoned their God. Is it time for the
Good side to do the same? I simply do not know and doubt any other
mortal has a capacity to know.

With the Gods themselves silent at the moment, perhaps it is time for
you, Dragonmaster, to come with your help once again. You tipped the
scale of balance once, centuries ago, it might be the time to do it

I do not believe we have much time left.


On the Path of the Seven Truths.

Penned by my hand on the 18th of Daedalan, in the year 611 AF.