A new beginning of Time

Date: 11/13/2012 at 07:21
From: Shahai
To : Everyone
Subj: A new beginning of Time

I, here and now, speak for my own voice and my thoughts does not
represent the position of the City of Hashan nor of its Leaders. I also
will speak about any Elder or Youngling, whatever their City, House,
Race or Religion. I then do not talk about any Divine, who are all far
above those purely mortal treacherous behaviors.

Lady Kastalia's demise was -litteraly- a sudden death in the family.
Even through wars and rivalities there was a kind of estabilshed state
that noone was able, or most likely wished, to move. No one could
foresee the coming of those events in the multi layers of paralyzed
Achaean institutions. But when the earth explodes and bodies burn to
ashes, the leader of the mortals won't die first and common people will
be changed into beasts of genocide.

The Cities, House or Orders of deceivers are built upon fears. Fears of
the Elders who control the institutions and fear of the Younglings who
are taught to be nothing but what Elders wants them to be. Like falcons
are trained, Younglings eyes are sawn shut. Blinded temporarily they
suffers the whims of the trainer patiently, until their will is
submerged and they learns to serve - as Elders teach and blind with

And I thinked a lot. And I spoke with many. I listened to many, the
Young and the Elder, the Brave and the Fearful. And then I thinked
again. Most Younglings does not feel involved in the events. They do not
care only because whatever is done, is done to allow Elders to keep the
control of the world that started to collapse under them. Any City,
House or Order they are from, they do not fear, fight nor worship
Bal'mut. They are just afraid of a world without their boundaries. A
world without their control.

Younglings, I do not care about who you are. I do not care about who you
worship. I do not ask you to betray your City, House or Order, as I will
not betray my City. I do not ask you to think I'm a leader. I know most
of you feels isolated and afraid, that you feel much preasure from the
century old institutions. I just ask you all to think for yourself and
then act in conformity with your own thoughts.

Elders, even if I depicted an archetypal portrait of you, I know you are
all individuals and that some of you also reject the oppression and
total control a few of your peers have on this world.

We are at a new beginning of Time, and it is the time for new voices to
be heard. The voice of people who are never cared about. The voice of
the ones who never decide. The voice of the ones who are not involved.
The voice of the voiceless.

Penned by my hand on the 22nd of Sarapin, in the year 611 AF.