Date: 11/12/2012 at 01:37
From: Lord Redwan Eaglehardt-Jinx, Luck's Croupier
To : Tyehr
Subj: Hope

Yes, I come to you with a message of hope. I know this may come as a
surprise to you but please indulge me and I will explain.

I hope that you are able to recover from the obvious mental state. You
appear to have been touched by the Mad God Himself. You say that you
cannot understand why we have these "incredulous" hostilities? I think
you must be about the only person in Sapience who doesn't understand why
the majority of the world is opposed to this new "God" of yours. As I
see it this entity is no God, merely another tyrant come to wreak havoc,
pain and suffering to the good people of Sapience.

You say that Ashaxei died for "her unacceptable complacency and rightly
so" and that you are willing to give away the gift of dragonhood which
she bestowed upon you. If that's the case then my second hope is that
this comes swiftly and irrevocably devastating personal consequences. To
those of us who cherish the memory of Ashaxei and the gift she gave us,
we will not slur her name in such a way by saying that she deserved to
die. Shame on you sir, shame.

Next you attack the memory of my Father, Lord Hermes. Yes, He willingly
took the gamble, however, He was not allowed to finish the gamble before
the traitorous God Shaitan cut His tumbling coin in two, claiming that
it was a double-sided coin. We will never know if this claim was true or
not, all I do know is that Lord Hermes was the God of Gamblers, HE WAS
NO CHEAT. Yes He lost but only by underhanded and devious means. He may
be lost to us but He will never be forgotten.

Oh, and while we're at it, if your Lord of Worms needs sacrifices then
he need only look to the west, there is an island out there full of
eager, fanatical souls ready to give themselves to fuel his flame. What
makes me laugh most of all is that the fool Gods Shaitan and Apollyon
think that he is Their ally. That They have control over him. Personally
I can't wait until he tires of Them and Their minions and deals with
Them the same way he has with my Father and His brethren. It is then
that I hope They will see the error of Their ways, but of course that
will be too late.

In memory and in service to a true God, Lord Hermes,

Lord Redwan Eaglehardt-Jinx
Captain of Canniness
The Divine Order of Hermes.

Penned by my hand on the 5th of Mayan, in the year 610 AF.