That wondrous feeling...

Date: 11/12/2012 at 01:46
From: Cleric Alynna, the Avatar of Keresis
To : Everyone
Subj: That wondrous feeling...

Do you feel that, Sapience?

That hollow feeling deep within your chest. An empty ache that screams
to be filled, the all-consuming void that used to be where your Gods

Yes, that emptiness, that need, that makes you scream in indignation.
You have been denied, you have been violated. You have been Oppressed.
You have Suffered, and so, you now lust for Vengeance.

You have proved it, to my great pleasure. Watching the pacifists of
Cyrene and Hashan, allying with the tree hugging Eleusians, and the
dogmatic Shallamese. Ashtani as well, all coming to the city of Evil, to
try to fill that void.

'Justice,' some cry, but we know that Justice is dead. No, this lust,
this need that these past months have proven to show resides in
everyone. Vengeance. The primal need of mortal kind was revealed in
these months.

Vengeance; that savage beast that lurks inside of each and every mortal,
a hunger that seeks redress, a flickering flame that threatens to
consume all. As your Gods fall like flies, you lose something dear, and
want to see it restored.

Did your attacks on our city ring hollow? Did you leave feeling
fulfilled? That you filled that need?

I can answer for you, you did not.

It's still there, your Vengeance was hollow. You know nothing of true

But that attack felt good, did it not? You pacifists, you intellectuals,
you that never lifted a hand in serious violence. You reveled in the
chance to smite someone else low. But it was not enough, it will never
be enough, for you steadfastly refuse to acknowledge these truths.

The Seven Truths.

We in Mhaldor have long embraced it, and you call us animals, barbaric,
when we simply see the truth behind every mortal. That taste of
Vengeance, it brought forth your desire to Oppress, and to bring
Suffering to those that have wronged you, and grow stronger from your
own Suffering.

Sapience is making the first steps in embracing the Seven Truths, and I
am glad. But to fill that ache, you must now master them.

This is your chance, Sapience! Your Gods are dying, your ideals are
falling before our inherent savage natures. The Seven Truths have never
rung so true for all the realm. Abandon your false ideals, your failing
religions, and your shattered Orders. Abandon the pretense and lies that
have you deny your very nature, which the entire realm has seen now.

Embrace Vengeance, Embrace Suffering, Embrace Oppression.

Embrace the Truths, and save your lives. Embrace Evil, and come home to

We do not hide from the Truths. Why do you?

In Retribution's Name,

Alynna, Avatar of Keresis

Penned by my hand on the 5th of Mayan, in the year 610 AF.