Future of the Flame

Date: 11/11/2012 at 08:33
From: Tyehr
To : Everyone
Subj: Future of the Flame

I am just a mortal, grasping for answers like most of us and I am not
able to understand why we have this incredulous hostilities, open hatred
towards Lord Bah'met.

I was told it started when His servants, Dala'myrrs slew Ashaxei. But
wasn't that clearly Ashaxei's fault? From Han-Tolneth we learned that
Ashaxei, was fully aware of the Dala'myrrs existence. She knew about
Lord Bah'met, the primordial God, God connected to the Fire behind the
Flame. Clearly a supremely powerful God.

And what did she do? She fled, leaving her father to die. That in itself
would be understandable. But during the ensuing centuries, she never
once told anyone, but her dragonmaster, of the apparent dangers of
Krenindala, dangers not only to her own race, but potentially to the
entire multiverse. She simply retired and led the life of luxuries at
the Parthren Gare, occasionally bestowing the spirit of the dragon to
the deserving achaeans.

Ashaxei was punished for her unacceptable complacency and rightly so.

It was Lord Hermes who initiated the gambling fiasco. God of Luck knew
that gamble is a gamble precisely because there is a chance of losing.
He, Lord Hermes Himself, willingly took that chance, ready to give His
essence, His life for the piece of a real estate. He was in fact ready
to strengthen the unknown God, who we all considered at the time a
threat to our very existence, in exchange for some questionable gains to
Himself. He lost and perished and rightly so.

Why would Lady Kastalia a young, inexperienced, impatient Goddess dare
to challenge a supremely powerful God? Certainly, it was Her divine
prerogative, but why are we all outraged when She suffered the
consequences of Her very own actions?

And so it continues.

Are we going to just stand and watch our Gods perish one by one?

Are we just going to watch the now impotent, barely flickering Flame die
any moment ending all life as we know it?

From all we are able to comprehend, the future of the Flame is in Lord
Bah'met's hands. We need to accept that fact, put aside the hatred, the
fears and the desire for revenge. We need to drop to both our individual
and collective knees and pray for His power to rekindle the Fire to feed
the Flame. We need to offer sacrifices to appease His wrath. We need to
pray so He reveals His Will and His demands to us.

If we do not, we will all perish.

Certainly, there are many of us willing to offer our souls, our lives,
our essence to the Unfathomable God who IS. Some, because they cherish
the world we live in and don't want to see it end, others because they
see His power and hunger for its morsel. I am. Ready and willing to
offer even the spirit of the dragon I received from Ashaxei for the
spirit of Dala'marr if that is what He demands.

Hail Lord Bah'met! May Your Will be done!

On the path of the Seven Truth.

Penned by my hand on the 25th of Glacian, in the year 610 AF.