Date: 10/07/2012 at 04:35
From: Elysian Silas Maynard, Adherent of Light
To : The Divine Order of Ourania, Goddess of the Moon
Subj: Choices

Worshippers of the Moon,

I am writing to commend on your sensible decision to stop raising
shrines to your Matron.

Though I am but a private citizen of Shallam these days, it yet fills me
with pride to see her citizens sally forth to banish the Darkness from
all corners. You have seen the dazzling radiance of the Light, and you
have wavered; your allies in the North, those harbingers of Oblivion,
have failed you, and your Lady's shrines lie in ruin all throughout the

The time is coming for you to consider your futures. Lady Ourania, for
whatever reason, has chosen to throw Her lot in with those who would
seek to bring an end to Ayar's gift; for now, however, you still have a
choice - a choice granted to us all as beings of Creation.

Remember now, as you try to pick yourselves up, that the refulgence of
the Light is as kind as it is cruel. You think us bullies, but the truth
is that what we do is for the well-being of your very souls. Our mission
is to build: to allow Creation to grow. To see that growth happen, we
must first cut out the festering rot that would destroy us all.

This has been a long overdue awakening to many of you, I am sure, but I
pray that through it your eyes will be opened. I pray that you will see
the truth, and you will find your way home to the Light.

In service, always, and with Valour,

Silas Maynard

Penned by my hand on the 20th of Sarapin, in the year 608 AF.