Maldaathi Knights vs Knights Templar tournament

Date: 10/05/2012 at 12:08
From: High Lord Xenomorph
To : Everyone
Subj: Maldaathi Knights vs Knights Templar tournament


After countless battles between knights of good and evil, bloodshed has
stained our warriors red. The grand tournament between the Maldaathi
Knights of Mhaldor and the Knights Templar of Shallam has come to its

Having vanquished all other opposition, the final round came down to two
great knight warriors: Sir Tirac Vastel of the Guild of Maldaathi
Knights, and Sir Kalvon Young of the Knights Templar of Shallam. Victory
would be no easy feat, and both warriors battled gallantly in one of the
most notable duels in modern times. Spanning the course of multiple
days, and taking fortitude found only in the best of combatants, the
epic clash was a back and forth affair. Showcasing the best fighters to
don armour, many bore witness to the spectacle that unfolded at North of
New Thera. The sounds of steel clashing, falcons shrieking, and the arts
of devotion and necromancy tinging the sky crimson red manifested the
Theran region.

In the end, Sir Tirac Vastel, Guild Champion of the Maldaathi Knights
stood as the lone victor of the tournament. Bringing back victory to
Mhaldor, and acquiring more accolades on an already prestigious record,
Sir Tirac was cheered heavily by the daemonic scores of denizens and
adventures alike back on the isle. Sir Tirac was heavily rewarded by his
people, as he in turn brings back a wealth of knowledge to teach to
future generations of Maldaathi Knights.

Thanks to Tharos for sponsoring the Tournament, and Lord Templar
Achilles for administering the brackets, and bringing forth his best
warrior knights. A very special thanks go to the mortals that placed
their lives on the line to represent their Guilds:


Regardless of ideology, Knights of every class are the front line troops
that represent their divine and protect their cities. If you have good
in your heart, and seek to walk the path of light in this world, the
Knights Templar of Shallam call upon you. Test your mettle among
Paladins and Runewardens should you have what it takes. If you follow
the path of evil, and follow the Seven Truths of the Twin Lords, seek
the Maldaathi Knights of Mhaldor, where you can hone your craft as an
Infernal Knight or a Runewarden. The Knights of Sapience are a proud
group of warriors that are alike in many ways, but are different as
individuals coming from all walks of life. It is a very special thing to
become a true knight, from a sanctioned organization, serving a cause
bigger than yourself. If you seek this path, you know where to go.

Sir Tirac, congratulations on your tournament victory, you are truly a
model Infernal and Knight that others can aspire to look to. You
represent your people very well, and thusly, the Twin Lords can be
confident in Their fighters.

In Honor and in Deed,

Infernal High Lord Xenomorph

Penned by my hand on the 18th of Glacian, in the year 607 AF.